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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.
and selected projects

Children's Hospital Boston

  • Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory
  • Boston Museum of Science

  • The Weather WayBack Machine
  • Radiologist for a Day
  • Hominid Skull Field Station
  • Akamai Technologies

  • Flash Network Monitoring Tool
  • Liberty Mutual Group

  • Customers First Property - Training CD-ROM
  • ISM/Boston

  • ISM Client Pitch
  • American Board of Family Medicine

  • Residency Performance Assessment System Tutorial
  • Resident Training Management System Tutorial
  • Website redesign & relaunch
  • Self-Assessment Module development and launch
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital - Cardiology Department

  • CD-ROM Virtual Tour
  • Accella Learning Systems

  • Flash-based Technology Demonstration
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Website redesign and relaunch
  • Myelodysplastic Syndromes Foundation

  • Flash-based Technology Demonstration
  • American Board of Pediatrics

  • Website design consultation
  • Medical Learning Company

  • SynPatient Flash User Interface Development
  • Kurzweil Technologies

  • KurzweilAI.net Web Site Design and Launch
  • Jacket design for The KurzweilAI.net Reader
  • KurzweilTech.com Web Site Design
  • Kurzweil CyberArt Technologies Web Site Design
  • KurzweilAI.net Grammy® Award Program Print Advertisement
  • Ramona - Ray Kurzweil as a Virtual Female Rock Singer, Presented at TED XI Conference
  • FamilyPractice.com

  • Website design and launch
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - OB/GYN Department

  • Website design and launch
  • American Society of Abdominal Surgeons

  • Website design and launch

  • steve[at]stevehoey[dot]com * 53 albion st #3, somerville, ma 02143