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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.
Hominid Skull Field Station
Image from Hominid Skull Field Station
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Hoey Design & Solutions collaborated with Informmotion to develop this kiosk-based interactive for the Boston Museum of Science that encourages visitors to identify early hominid skulls. This unique exhibit includes seven casts of actual hominid skulls, helping the interactive feature have impact beyond the screen.

Steve Hoey founded Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc. in 2002 to design and build complex, interactive products for the web, company intranets, CD-ROMs, and kiosk-based installations. Steve is most interested in the educational possibilities enabled by interactive media technologies.

Since 2002, Steve has been concentrating his energies in developing increasingly complex interactive applications using ActionScript and Macromedia/Adobe Flash. His recent clients include the Boston Museum of Science, the Children's Hospital Boston, and the JASON Foundation for Education.

Steve's approach derives from his diverse experience, from managing large web projects to delivering classroom technologies. Since 1996, he has created web-based training and educational materials, produced interactive museum kiosk exhibits, and launched web sites for a number of clients, including Raymond Kurzweil and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

To his more than a decade of experience in developing for the web, Steve adds years of experience managing teams of talented people, producing live video programs, DJ'ing and engineering on FM radio, teaching programming to art students, offering peer counseling, acting in improvisational comedy performances, and drumming in West African percussion ensembles.

He invites you to extend his range of experience. What's your challenge?

steve[at]stevehoey[dot]com * 53 albion st #3, somerville, ma 02143