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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.

Sample ActionScript codeSteve Hoey has been teaching "ActionScript for Designers" at the Massachusetts College of Art since 2005, when he began by co-teaching the course with Lenni Armstrong. Steve's experience with ActionScript dates to 1999, when Flash version 4 was the latest-and-greatest, and tellTarget was the syntax of the day.

Flash has changed quite a bit, and ActionScript continues to mature. AS3.0 is now a complete and robust object-oriented development language. What was once used only to create simple button actions and control looping animations is now being used as the foundation for building next-generation Rich Internet Applications.

Steve's goal is to introduce designers to the powerful features that ActionScript can unlock, helping them to demystify the syntax and logic behind ActionScript, and encouraging them to develop a solid foundation of coding habits that will serve them well. Mass Art's students in the Graduate and Continuing Education program are talented artists and designers, and the learning that takes place in the Computer Lab there is mutual. Steve enjoys seeing the design solutions his students employ as they work on their projects.

You can view the class web site, which has the current course materials and assignments, and you can register for an upcoming class at the Mass Art web site.

steve[at]stevehoey[dot]com * 53 albion st #3, somerville, ma 02143