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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.
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Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory

Image of the Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory

The Children's Hospital Boston contracted Steve Hoey and Lenni Armstrong to build the hospital's most complex interactive project to date: a "virtual stem cell laboratory". Working closely with a PhD stem cell researcher, a producer, a graphic designer, an illustrator, and a project manager, Hoey Design & Solutions was able to deliver a full-featured, robust interactive feature that exceeded the team's expectations and met all of their functional requirements — on time. Under budget. In a download smaller than 140K!

This project involved extensive application architecture. Working from a tightly-written functional specification, Steve Hoey was able to construct a working prototype in under two weeks. Building from this foundation, the team was able to iteratively test the feature and enhance its functionality to meet their evolving requirements.

When the program was delivered, it became a featured item on the home page of the Children's Hospital main web site. The Hospital's director of Information Services called it "beautiful work", and it has been favorably reviewed by the technology writer of the Washington Times. The virtual stem cell laboratory was featured in a two-page spread [PDF link] in the Spring 2006 issue of the hospital's magazine Dream. And dozens of high school and college science teachers who received notice of the program wrote to tell the hospital how useful the feature is in their teaching.

Try the Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory at the Children's Hospital Research web site (opens a new browser window).

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