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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.
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Hominid Skull Field Station

Image from the Hominid Skull Field Station

Lenni Armstrong contracted Steve Hoey to assist her with the ActionScript programming for this engaging interactive feature, which she produced for the Boston Museum of Science. The Hominid Skull Field Station is combined with a display of casts of a variety of hominid skulls found at dig sites around the world. Visitors are invited to examine the skulls, and to identify them using the interactive software.

As with all our projects for Boston's Museum of Science, this feature is designed to be operated by the Museum's custom four-button interface. In thorough testing, members of the Museum staff have determined that this interface presents the fewest obstacles to usability. In conjunction with audio text that accompanies each screen of the interactive, the four-button interface allows the feature to be used by people with visual impairments, limited physical mobility, dyslexia and other reading challenges, and more.

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