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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.
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Residency Performance Assessment System Tutorial

Image of the Residency Performance Assessment Tutorial

The American Board of Family Medicine accredits more than 60,000 Family Physicians in the United States, and tracks information on medical residents in thousands of programs nationwide. As part of its ongoing effort to modernize its business practices and engage with physicians earlier in their training, the Board developed and deployed a new system to track medical residents from the start of their post-graduate training.

The Board contracted Hoey Design & Solutions to create and produce an in-depth tutorial that fully explains all of the functions of the RPA System. Because use of the system will be required, the Board wanted to ensure that comprehensive training resources were available.

Steve Hoey wrote the script for the tutorial, with the collaboration of members of the Board's Help Desk staff. Steve created screen shots, imported them into Flash, and animated the mouse movements and text boxes throughout. He also developed a system to easily allow the tutorial to be dynamically modified to include or exclude certain chapters or topics. He developed the coding framework that allows additional material to be quickly developed, cutting down on overall development costs. This reusable framework can be applied to other systems with minimal re-coding.

View the full RPA Tutorial hosted locally (opens a new browser window).

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