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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.
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Radiologist for a Day

Image of Radiologist for a Day

The Boston Museum of Science created an exhibit showcasing the modern technologies of medical imaging called "Beyond the X-Ray". The exhibit team contracted with Lenni Armstrong and Hoey Design & Solutions to develop an interactive feature that allows visitors to try their hand at being a Radiologist!

Working closely with consulting radiologist Ashley Davidoff, MD, the exhibit developers constructed a basic storyboard. Steve Hoey and Lenni Armstrong created the kiosk-based interactive feature in Flash, assembling the component images, writing the ActionScript programming, and implementing the user interaction methodologies. Like all new interactive exhibits at the Museum, this one uses their custom four-button interface. In thorough testing, members of the Museum staff have determined that this interface presents the fewest obstacles to usability. In conjunction with audio text that accompanies each screen of the interactive, the four-button interface allows the feature to be used by people with visual impairments, limited physical mobility, dyslexia and other reading challenges, and more.

This feature has been well-received by the target audience of museum visitors ages 12 and up, and continues to be enjoyed as part of the "Beyond the X-Ray" exhibit.

Read more about "Beyond the X-Ray" at the Museum of Science website (opens a new browser window).

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