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Raymond Kurzweil is a pioneer in many fields. In 2000, he set out to create a content-driven website to explore emerging trends in technology: nanotechnology, biotechnology, and the possible emergence of intelligent – possibly even spiritual – machines. As the Senior Web Developer at Kurzweil Technologies from 1999-2002, Steve Hoey led the effort to envision, design, create, and launch KurzweilAI.net.

Steve managed a team of six full-time staff, including editors and writers, programmers, and developers. He also hired and managed designers from Tractor Studios, the group chosen to develop the branding identiy and design the Flash interface for the site's home page. Over a period of fewer than six months, Steve led the team through information design, storyboards, wireframes, and design through production, culminating in a public launch to coincide with Ray's presentation at Richard Saul Wurman's TED XI Conference.

The KurzweilAI.net site remains, five years after its launch, a dynamic and sometimes controversial forum of ideas about science, society, and the future of technology. Steve's work was instrumental in bringing Ray's vision of KurzweilAI.net into reality.

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