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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.
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Hurricane Lab

Image of the Hurricane Lab

Hoey Design & Solutions was invited to join the Hurricane Lab project in January, 2005, several months after its inception, when additional programming help was required. The JASON Foundation for Education wanted to produce a web-based interactive feature that would allow students to explore the dynamics of Hurricanes that have struck the Louisiana Coast. The program allows students to measure the distance between hurricane positions, measured at 12-hour intervals, and to observe the relationship between wind speed and barometric pressure. Links to data sources and text descriptions provide a context for the hurricanes viewed in the feature.

Steve Hoey joined visual designer Lenni Armstrong and was able to implement all of the required functionality. One particularly challenging aspect involved learning and implementing a method to convert from (x,y) coordinates on the Mercator-projection map to true latitude-longitude measurements. Steve also contributed extensive ActionScript expertise, and the resulting interactive feature has been extremely well-received in the school districts where it's part of the curriculum.

Steve especially enjoys working on educational projects that touch on topical issues. In the Summer of 2005, no subject was more relevant than Hurricanes on the Louisiana Coast.

Try the Hurricane Lab at the JASON Foundation's web site (opens a new browser window).

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