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Hoey Design & Solutions, Inc.
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Customers First Property - Tutorial

Image from Customers First Property tutorial

When the Liberty Mutual Group of Boston wanted to train their thousands of field agents to use a new web-based application for quoting and selling property insurance, they called on the expertise of Hoey Design & Solutions. Liberty Mutual had already created a series of screen capture files using Macromedia's Captivate software. They needed someone to pull these screens together and integrate them with recorded audio to produce a compelling, CD-ROM based training module. Hoey Design & Solutions created a custom Flash interface that integrated the Captivate files, along with FLV-compressed video segments, to form a complete training package. This piece was delivered on CD-ROM to thousands of Liberty Mutual and Prudential insurance agents.

With the success and widespread use of the Customers First Property tutorial, Liberty Mutual immediately retained Hoey Design & Solutions to build and deliver another tutorial for their auto insurance sales force. Leveraging the assets and code base developed for the first tutorial, Customers First Auto was delivered in less than a month, at a significant savings to the customer.

Both pieces make use of Flash's Local Shared Objects — cookies, essentially — to store the user's progress through the training. They also integrates Flash video with a number of Captivate modules to form a complete training piece that tracks and displays the user's progress.

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